We are an experienced company specializing in providing comprehensive electrical services to the shipyard and maritime industries. Our knowledge and practice in the field of electrical installations puts us at the forefront of providing electrical solutions for this demanding industry.

Our offer includes:

  • Electrical design and installations: we create modern and efficient electrical systems tailored to the individual needs of shipyards. Our installations meet the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Our team of skilled electricians is ready to respond quickly and fix faults in electrical installations on ships. Regular inspections and maintenance are key to system reliability.
  • Upgrades and expansions: We help upgrade existing electrical installations and expand systems in line with growing needs.
  • Automation and control: We offer industrial automation solutions for remote control and monitoring of equipment and processes.
  • Safety and certification: We ensure full compliance with safety regulations and standards. We assist in obtaining the necessary certificates and permits.
  • Technical consulting: Our team of engineers and specialists provides expert advice on optimizing electrical systems and using modern technologies.